Romantic Ideas that will keep your relationship burning brightly.

Romantic Trips

*         Find out what their idea of a true fantasy vacation is. Then call your travel agent immediately.

*         Travel the world without leaving the house. (Plan out an evening in a foreign country and bring the country to home... do the research on your loved one's favorite place... Hawaii, France, Europe... and go to extremes... food, decorations, music...)

*        Be frugal all year so you can live it up on vacation.

*        Begin your own traditions with a favorite vacation spot or restaurant that will help you fall in love all over again whenever you visit there.

*        Organize a "dream" file, saving articles and photographs of vacation destinations or new home ideas that the two of you could work toward together.

*        While you're on vacation, collect postcards, restaurant menus, brochures and maps to create a scrapbook. Include some photographs of your trip and years later, it will evoke wonderful memories for the two of you.

*        Escape to paradise together.  Whether it is a trip to a faraway island, a cruise or just and overnight stay at a hotel with a pool, getting away from everyday life can be very romantic.

*        Plan an overnight hiking trip but surprise him. So you could watch the sunset and sunrise together.

*        Take a loved one on a romantic night train ride.

*        When he says he loves you instead of saying it back nibble on his ear and say "Ditto" softly into his ear. (ever see "Ghost"?)

*        Make signs to put up all over the city you live in and put your and your love?s initials on it and says "JN loves DC" (change the initials to your initials)

*        Get some of those glow in the dark stars (the kind you put in a child's room) place them directly above the bed spelling "I love you" or "Will you marry me?", etc.

*         Before a road-trip make a mix-CD of songs your lover likes.  Play the CD while you are driving. is copyright 2010,  Sponsored by and by